Helping People Grow Through Employee Training

trainingpeopleHere at PacMoore, we strive to always consider the learning style of our new employees when we begin their training. Whether it’s visual, auditory, reading/writing, or kinesthetic, we cover it all. For this same reason, we need to constantly find new and different ways of delivering training to our operators.

Orientation Training

On each employee’s first day, we train him or her about all the important aspects of their new role and our industry, including GMPs, HACCP, Food Safety, Food Security and many more. After their orientation training, we introduce our new employees to our system stations. They will have a trainer or experienced operator with them throughout their first day, showing them the ropes. They will be able to practice what is learned throughout the day with an experienced mentor’s guidance.

Because we all learn in different ways and rhythms, we rotate our new employees through different systems. When they go through this rotation, they gain a better understanding of their own learning styles as well their work pace. When a good fit is found on the right system, we will dedicate the new employee to that system.

jorgetrainingContinuous Improvement

With so much to learn, training is divided into small chunks. This helps our new operators to retain the information. We are always looking for better ways to achieve consistently better results with each new employee, helping our operators achieve their best performance and feel fulfilled in their jobs. Aside from training new employees, we are also always looking for ways to equip crew leaders, supervisors and new trainers with the resources they need to be effective leaders who are always growing personally and professionally. Helping people to grow and feel empowered in their jobs is a key part of PacMoore’s vision, and employee training is one of the greatest ways to achieve it.

Francisco (Paco) Mondragon Lead TrainerFrancisco Mondragon

Former Lead Trainer in Mooresville, IN
Francisco has been working for PacMoore since 2011. He has held many roles at PacMoore, including Crew Leader, Floor Trainer, Assistant Production Manager and is currently in the position of Lead Trainer for the Mooresville, IN location. Soon the role of fitness trainer will be added to that list!

Jorge Ruiz Corporate Lead TrainerJorge Ruiz

Corporate Lead Trainer
Jorge has filled a number of different roles since starting at PacMoore in 2005. Currently as Corporate Lead trainer he is able to help all employees at both PacMoore’s headquarters and PacMoore Process Technologies receive consistent and effective training.