Why Effective Custom Food Packaging Matters

At PacMoore, we understand the importance of convenient, creative and effective custom food packaging. In addition to the quality, freshness and safety of your product, retail packaging also has a huge effect on consumers’ ultimate buying decision – from the package’s seals and materials to its graphics, labels and size. Find out why effective custom food packaging matters, and how PacMoore can help you with your packaging needs.

  • Convenience. Consumers expect convenient packaging for their food products. Resealable bags, for example, are easy to open and do not require special clips or extra bags to keep the product fresh once opened. Bulky, excessive packaging can be difficult to store in small spaces such as a fridge or pantry, so food products should be packaged in the right-sized box or bag for easy storage. Bulk food products are often heavy; convenient handles result in safer, more efficient transport.
  • Creativity. When customers are faced with many different options on the retail shelf, sometimes the creativity of the packaging is what makes one food product stand out among the others. Creative graphics, colors, logos, designs and materials are elements to consider for your custom food packaging.
  • Effectiveness. Your food product is unique, which means your package must be designed to meet the product’s specific requirements to ensure quality and safety. With custom food packaging, you can be sure the materials and design of your packaging works to keep your product fresher for longer and safe for consumption.

We offer custom food packaging services to prepare your product for the retail shelf. Contact us today to learn more about our consumer packaging solutions.