Custom Food Packaging Company PacMoore Believes in the “PovertyCure”

While the PacMoore team is committed to providing quality custom food packaging and manufacturing services, at the heart of everything we do stands our company mission: to help people grow personally, financially and spiritually through the creation of profitable companies and jobs across the globe.

That’s why the values highlighted in the PovertyCure promotional video (below) really struck a chord with us.

The video brings up questions regarding world poverty, and if the current solution of wealthy countries providing aid to developing countries is truly fixing the problem. Some of PovertyCure’s key points that align with PacMoore’s own values and mission:

  • Foreign aid promotes a relationship that gives the wealthy more power and makes developing countries more dependent.
  • Not all humans may have the money to create change, but all humans do have the capability to solve problems, strategize and succeed.
  • Business entrepreneurship is key to transforming an economy and empowering its people.
  • Creating job makers rather than job seekers helps people help themselves.
  • Through vision, opportunity, independence, responsibility, knowledge and moral purpose, people can learn to fail, succeed, stand on their own, and end poverty.

The PacMoore vision is to create 5,000 jobs in low-income communities worldwide by the year 2020. For information about our mission and our contract manufacturing services, visit