Count on PacMoore’s Flexible Dry Ingredient Blending and Packaging Solutions

PacMoore is a reliable source for a wide variety of external manufacturing needs, including spray drying, extruding, sifting, dry ingredient blending and packaging. With certified dry blending solutions and flexible packaging options, PacMoore has the range of expertise needed to meet customers’ unique needs from product development stages to the final packing and shipping process. Below, learn more about our dry ingredient blending and packaging services.

Dry Ingredient Blending: PacMoore’s experienced manufacturing professionals are experts in dry blending, with a deep understanding of the ingredients and precise operations required for effective results. Our team can help develop and create new or improved dry blends, and can identify and solve issues within customers’ current dry blending process. The use of advanced plow mixer and double ribbon blender technologies allows for smooth, versatile and efficient blending. PacMoore’s dry blending solutions can be used in the food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets, with applications including drink mixes, dairy, nutritional supplements, spices, snacks, cosmetics and more.

Dry Ingredient Packaging: Advanced packaging equipment feature innovative, precise capabilities that speed the packing process and reduce wasted ingredients, material and costs. PacMoore operates vertical and horizontal form, fill and seal machines, with features that include metal detection, hole punching, zippers, weight checks, seal testing, and the ability to run a wide range of package widths, heights and weights. Dry ingredient blends can be packaged in super sacks, multi-wall bags, poly bags, and even bulk trucks or bulk rail.

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