Achieved Again: AA+, the Highest BRC Rating Reflects PacMoore’s Culture of Food Safety

After the completion of our annual BRC site and documentation audits, PacMoore is pleased to share the news that we have retained our AA+ Rating at the Hammond and Mooresville facilities where we chose to undergo unannounced audits. This is the highest possible BRC Rating we could achieve! This is the official confirmation of what we always knew internally: that we have an unwavering dedication to maintaining the safety and quality of all the products that we allow to enter and leave our facilities. Because of the newness of our Gridley facility we chose the announced process – as expected that facility received a BRC AA rating which was the highest they could achieve!

The Proof Is in the Plus!

The BRC Global Standards are rigorous and detailed, scrutinizing every possible area where food safety could potentially be compromised. Companies who choose to participate in the unannounced BRC audit are electing to be challenged at a higher level. The signal to show that a company chose to be audited in this way is the plus sign at the end of their score. The auditor may arrive at their facilities at any time after a certain date, so they must be ready at all times. Because of our commitment to operating at the highest level of quality and food safety every day, we chose to undergo the unannounced audit at both of our Indiana production facilities, and both have received the AA+ rating. For a quick overview of the BRC grading system, take a look at our infographic below.

learn how many non-conformities are permitted for each BRC Grade food industry

PacMoore is made up of many hardworking and dedicated individuals who come to work each day focused on achieving excellence. We’re grateful to be a community like that, from our equipment operators to our company leaders and everyone in between. In speaking about the results of PacMoore’s BRC Audits, PacMoore’s President and COO Gary VanDeLaarschot said this:

“Most companies don’t go for that level of rating but we do because we think it’s important for our customers. It’s important that PacMoore be the very best in the market. And I’m really happy to report that those audits and the whole process went well. We’re retaining the high certification that we have, and it allows us to go to our customers and give them the confidence that we’re the kind of partner they’re looking for in the market.

So I’m extremely proud of our organization; extremely proud of our quality team who quarterbacks this whole process and makes sure that we’re prepared and that we not only prepare but that we adhere to the standards on a day in and day out basis.”

If you‘d like to find out more about PacMoore’s quality policies and procedures in general or specifically relating to our contract manufacturing services such as extrusion, spray drying, blending, consumer packaging and more, simply contact us and we’ll start a dialogue.

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