Botanicals, Adaptogens Get Growing Roles In Food Production

The answer to many physical and mental ailments could be growing around us. More and more consumers are turning to natural remedies that complement a healthy lifestyle, and botanicals and adaptogens are at the top of the list.

Botanicals and adaptogens have been used in dietary supplements for years, but they’re increasingly found in actual food products. For health-conscious consumers, that’s excellent news. Learn more about the benefits of adaptogens and botanicals below.

What Are Botanicals and Adaptogens?

Botanicals are probably the more recognizable of the two food additives. Botanicals is the broader category of substances derived from plants for use in food and supplements. Many are commonly known (such as green tea to prevent cancer and St. John’s wort to reduce anxiety) and others are a bit more specialized (such as black cohosh and saw palmetto, both of which are specific to reproductive issues).

Adaptogens, on the other hand, are more specific to stress relief. They include many additives that already fall into the botanicals category, but they are far more specialized. For example, ashwagandha is being closely studied for its potential to reduce irritability, stress and panic attacks. Compared with mainstream pharmaceuticals, such adaptogens are a welcome change for many consumers. Controlling stress and anxiety is huge in the botanical supplements and therapy fields, so you can expect to hear a lot more about this fascinating trend.

From Supplements to Food Products

A few years ago, your best bet for getting botanicals and adaptogens was by buying a bottle of supplements in pill form. You still can, but times are rapidly changing. Consumers are changing their approaches to personal health, and are seeking healthy food options. They like to know the food and beverages they are consuming are natural and healthy, and they are drawn to products with added benefits.

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Food manufacturers are responding by incorporating naturally derived ingredients into their products. With a bit of innovation and marketing creativity, companies are figuring out ways to help people enjoy adaptogen and botanical benefits via tasty food and drinks. As consumers realize they can feel better by natural means, the trend of botanicals and adaptogens in food is only going to grow.

How Has PacMoore Responded to the Trend?

We’re no strangers to specialty food products. From botanicals and adaptogens to gluten- and allergen-free, PacMoore has a hand in specialty food production of all kinds. Our skilled team is eager to hear where your business would like to go; we want to help you get there. To learn more about what PacMoore can provide for you in the specialty food space, or to discuss our capabilities in extrusion, spray drying, consumer packaging, or dry blending, contact us today.

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