Boosting Sales with Innovative Consumer Packaging

Innovation continues to play a key role in the consumer packaging industry, as consumers and retailers seek out sustainable packaging solutions that contribute to a healthier environment. Meanwhile, cost remains a huge factor. As we continue into the new year with new goals, plans and strategies for the future, keep in mind the power of innovative packaging. Below, we’ll explore a few areas in which innovation is both crucial and effective in generating sales.

  • Materials: One of the main factors that eco-conscious consumers consider regarding packaging includes the raw materials that compose the package. Innovative packaging materials are sustainable and cost-effective, achieving the same durability and versatility that keep products safe from damage, yet providing more eco-friendly alternatives that are recyclable, reusable or compostable. Excessive harmful plastic, for example, is being slowly replaced by corrugated cardboard, recycled plastics, and materials produced with natural resources.
  • Production: In addition to innovative materials, innovative production processes must also come into play when developing a new consumer packaging strategy. Contract manufacturing and packaging solutions allow you to focus on increasing your sales while trusting the experts to pack and fill your products. At PacMoore, our flexible and modular equipment base, our ability to react quickly, and our reputation as problem solvers, allow our customers to cut costs, increase productivity, and obtain innovative solutions from professionals who know the industry inside and out.
  • Graphics: A package’s exterior appearance must be strong and compelling, achieving a positive reaction in just seconds. Innovative graphics are creative and unique, yet must still take into account industry trends in order to maintain a competitive edge. Make sure your graphics match your packaging structure and overall branding message.

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