Bill Moore on The Gospel Driven Entrepreneur Podcast

We’re very pleased to share with you this recent interview of PacMoore President Bill Moore by P.J. Simmons, host of the Gospel Driven Entrepreneur Podcast. Founded and directed by Simmons, the Gospel Driven Entrepreneur is a podcast which “cultivates inspiring conversation around the theology of work for entrepreneurs.” The podcast strives to inspire and equip Christians to be great leaders in their workplaces.

Click here to listen to episode 195 with Bill Moore online, or find the podcast in iTunes.

We’ve included below some paraphrasing of the first few answers by Bill, but we hope you will take the time to listen to the podcast in its entirety – you’ll find it to be well worth it.

An Interview with Bill Moore, President of PacMoore Products

Q: Could you tell us about yourself?

Bill Moore Entrepreneur President of PacMoore ProductsA: I Live in Carmel, Indiana but grew up and spent most of my life in the Chicago area. My wife and I have been married 28 years now and we have two sons: ages 24 and 26. I have about 375 employees and two manufacturing plants, one near Chicago and one near Indianapolis. Our plants run 24 hours a day and 6 days a week, closed on Sunday. I enjoy working in the food industry and being a Christ-Centered leader in the workplace. That’s what gets me excited about what we do. We are a contract manufacturer that produces food ingredients for large food processors.

Q: As a gospel-driven business owner, how are you using business to bring Christ to customers, employees, and even vendors?

A: I know in my heart that I’m called to the integration of faith into everything I do. I’ve written a vision for the company that says “We are passionately focused on growing people so we can be exceptionally good at feeding the world.” That captures the idea of what we’re really all about. Growing our people includes everyone we encounter; whether customers, employees or vendors. We will be Christ’s witness and it starts in our plants. Our employees will come to know Jesus Christ in the workplace. We create an environment where that can happen. We certainly don’t force anybody to follow what we follow, but we introduce the idea that faith is important and make sure they have access to Christian spiritual development.

Q: What has the response been from your employees?

A: Most people experience being heard, listened to, cared about, understood, respected. Many people in the world come from broken families, so when people experience this environment they begin to understand that they are cared for and loved. So, that response to the emotional impact is quite good. We don’t treat the environment like we’re at church, we teach them our values: faith, family, integrity, respect, excellence. And we help them understand how those values play out and see that in the workplace right away. It’s very rare that someone comes back and says “I really don’t enjoy the way that you love me. It’s a little too much. I don’t like being cared for. I don’t like being respected.” That’s usually not what we get because we don’t push faith on people first. We demonstrate faith by listening, caring, respecting, showing value, those types of things. And then we open the opportunity for people to explore faith if they want to.

This is only a small portion of the interview. To hear the whole thing, visit the website listed above or search for the “Gospel Driven Entrepreneur” Podcast on iTunes.