Month: January 2018

A Year of Collaborative and On-Trend Extrusion Innovation

PacMoore Food Extrusion Innovation Ancient Grains Clean Label

In 2017, PacMoore hosted over 30 different current and potential customers at the PacMoore Innovation Lab in Gridley, IL. We have had the opportunity to…

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Disruptive Flexible Packaging and Its Impact on Your Branding

food industry blog disruptive brand packaging pacmoore

Your brand can’t scream from the shelves (yet), so you need another tactic to draw in potential consumers who don’t have the time or patience…

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Reducing Supply Chain Costs is Easier Than You Think

supply chain shipping and logistics pacmoore contract manufacturing

Companies in the consumer packaged goods (CPGs) industry are always eager for ways to make their supply chain as efficient and cost effective as possible….

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Packaging Technologies for Liquid and Viscous Foods

Success in food packaging comes down to the ability to match quality service with speed and efficiency. Much of that happens at the filling stage….

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