Working with Haron in Kenya

Working with Haron in KenyaProverbs 16:9 says, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” We have been repeating that verse several times during our time here in Africa, but it has been especially apparent during our four day stay in Kenya. We arrived Friday morning and were blessed to spend two days with a wonderful Godly man, Haron Wachira. Haron took us up to Embu where we visited a college he is working with that is focusing on training young men and women in trades such as ceramics, masonry, wood working, welding and mechanics. This is something we have felt should be done more here in Kenya since our first trip in 2011 and it was encouraging to see Haron accomplishing it. On Saturday we visited some macadamia nut farmers and a macadamia nut processing center. We couldn’t believe some of the beautiful areas of macadamia trees we saw and we are hopeful we can help Haron empower the farmers he works with who are currently growing these nuts. Working with Haron in KenyaSunday we were blessed to worship at Nairobi Baptist Church. It is always a highlight to spend time in worship here in Africa as we are reminded that no matter where we are or what our conditions, all Christians love and praise the same God who created us all. We also spent some time that afternoon with Haron and our attorney discussing opportunities we are uncovering on this trip and how we might be able to help empower the local farmers. Today we finished our time in Kenya with a visit out west to see some amaranth cleaning equipment. It was a long day but the trip was very revealing and we sense God’s continued presence and guidance. We leave early tomorrow morning for Uganda. This will be our final stop and while we miss home we are also very excited to see our dear friends and visit our amaranth farm. Thank you for your continued prayers. We are very thankful for them and for God’s protection and goodness to us along the way.

Scott Pothoven

Former Global Director of Leadership Management

Prior to joining PacMoore, Scott was a CFP® and owned a financial planning business working with over 400 clients and small businesses to help manage their financial assets. He holds a B.S. in business from Trinity Christian College.