The Versatility of Food Extrusion

Food Extrusion Machine from Pacmoore

In the food industry, it is necessary to adapt to changing consumer trends from time to time. Past trends have included low carb, reduced sodium, low fat, reduced sugar, and many others. While protein continues to be a strong trend; ancient grains and gluten free are gaining in popularity as well. These trends are all able to be targeted with the use of food extrusion.

Food extrusion allows food products to be customized by ingredients, vitamins, and shape. However, the extrusion process is more of a science than just melding ingredients together. This process requires heat in order for the ingredients to be thoroughly mixed, cooked, shaped, and eventually turned into your crispy, gummy, or crunchy product.

Another customization benefit of extrusion is its capability to add vitamins and nutrients to different food products. We keep the product chemistry in mind while making these additions. When exposed to heat, a certain amount of heat sensitive vitamins will be reduced within the overall blend, while still ensuring the viable amount of vitamins we need are left in the product. If more need to be added, we can certainly add them later – that’s where the versatility of food extrusion comes in.

Pacmoore Food Extrusion Building

Extrusion is versatile in its ability to produce materials that meet a lot of today’s popular food trends. Our clients may have products that contain wheat, but they look to us for a gluten-free alternative. This is where we can dissect the ingredients and extrude their new gluten-free product.

We’ll collaborate with you to figure out the best process and solution for your product. We believe in giving our customers ultimate flexibility in process and product extrusion, while keeping it simple.

Working with small volume? We have pilot scale extrusion equipment for small production runs and product development work. Contact us today to get started or for additional information about our extrusion capabilities!

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Jonathan M. Baner CFS

Senior Technical Manager, Extrusion

Jon spent 4 years at Watershed Foods, LLC, most recently as Director of Research & Development with responsibility for product development and additional responsibilities for Quality and Regulatory. Prior to Watershed, Jon worked with Ringger Foods, Inc. and Kerry Ingredients & Flavors in product applications, process technology, and technical training roles. He holds a degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Illinois and is a Certified Food Scientist. Jon joined the PacMoore team in 2014 as Senior Technical Manager, Extrusion.