The Growing Trend Of ‘Snackification’

There’s more than one way to hit your daily caloric mark, according to a growing trend known as “snackification.” The idea of three square meals a day has dominated the Western diet for decades, but some nutritionists have argued that incremental meal replacement snacks space out calories and nutrients more efficiently.

Of course, all of this means change in the food manufacturing industry. Learn about the latest in snack trends below, and see how PacMoore can help you with custom snack processing and custom snack packaging services.

What Is It?

Over the years, it’s gone by many names — grazing, nibbling, etc. — but usually with a slightly negative connotation. Recently, nutritionists have embraced the concept of snackification and redefined how it’s done. Snackification has become more of a science, with calories strategically staggered throughout the day. The idea behind it is that metabolism rates fluctuate, and snackification helps to respond to it and shape it.

How Is It Changing Industry Thinking?

One of the bigger changes in the food manufacturing industry is the emergence of smarter snack packaging. Retailers are on the hunt for food products that are individually packaged for snacking — and not just the usual suspects like chips or pudding cups. They are seeking more comprehensive food items made to pack a punch in smaller sizes.

As a leading food manufacturing services provider, PacMoore has experience in helping meet these new industry needs. Our packaging capabilities allow us to package in sizes from bulk totes to small pouches. Before packaging is processing which is another area of snack creation where PacMoore shines.  PacMoore’s extrusion capability is able to utilize a variety of raw material types to make an assortment of snacks with all sorts of flavors, textures, and functionalities from protein-fortified to organic or gluten free – all of which can help with consumer trends needs that have fueled snackification.

The Ups and Downs of Snackification

Like with any new trend in this industry, there will be pros and cons. From a nutrition standpoint, the pros are likely to be a more health-conscious public — while the cons could be a lack of understanding about caloric intake, leading to overeating or not eating enough.

From a business standpoint, there are different pros and cons to consider:

  • Pros: Snackification is an opportunity to lean into a trend that could have a lasting impact. It’s also a chance to make inroads into new niche markets.
  • Cons: The challenge will be to make it work logistically. How do we process and package these items? What about materials and other expenses?

As an industry, we have plenty to consider when responding to this type of movement or any other. The good news is that PacMoore is no stranger to change. At each stage, from planning to distribution, we help our customers navigate the ups and downs of every opportunity.

Why Choose PacMoore?

Whether you’re new to the industry or you’ve been in the trenches for years — you probably know PacMoore’s reputation for quality. Whatever we do for you, we put our all into it.

More than that, we are a valuable strategic partner for our customers. Our hands-on approach helps us understand your unique challenges so that we can offer the best solution. Whether it’s embracing snackification or any other specialty genre of food, we’re here to help. Contact PacMoore today to learn more.