PacMoore: Set Apart for a Powerful Mission

Wednesdays are special. When I start my work on this particular day of the week, I automatically sense joy and gratitude. What’s the source of these good feelings?  The experience I’ve had partnering with PacMoore Products every Wednesday over the past two years.

PacMoore values Faith Family Integrity Respect and ExcellenceI began working on a leadership consulting project with PacMoore in October, 2014, and was immediately accepted as part of the family. Frankly, it’s an unusual response to be so welcoming of an outside consultant, but I was drawn in by the warmth of each person I came in contact with.

PacMoore is different. Really different, and in an incredibly positive way. I can say this with full conviction because I’ve seen and felt the company love firsthand. After 20 years of working with Corporate America, PacMoore was a breath of fresh air, and the first company I’ve partnered with that consistently encourages people to play with F-FIRE:

  • Walk in faith
  • Focus on family
  • Live a life of integrity
  • Show up with respect
  • Seek and deliver excellence everyday

The F-FIRE torch is carried by PacMoore folks like Scott Pothoven, Evelyn Myers, Jorge Ruiz, and Chris Bekermeier. There are lots of great team members who come from all walks of life to live a vision of being passionately focused on growing people so they can be exceptionally good at feeding people all over the world.

PacMoore's employees are kind hardworking and resilientPacMoore people are normal and amazingly resilient. Normal in the sense that they all have daily challenges and frustrations like other people in production environments.  Amazing from the perspective that they bounce back with F-FIRE and emerge stronger in their faith each day. It’s this faith that inspires performance everyday.

The success of this food contract manufacturing company can be directly attributed to its dedicated employees, and the leaders who are coaching them through today’s challenging product demands. PacMoore is powered by a recently renewed vision and mission, and the heart of its people are the reason that the F-FIRE torch will continue grow the business into a higher performing world class outfit.

I smile as I write these words because PacMoore could solve world hunger one day. This blessed organization is definitely set apart to do a great work. I’m proud to have been a small part of their valiant mission.

Angela Nuttle

The Corporate Talent Institute