A New Year’s Resolution – On Time, Every Time

2017 On Time, Every Time PacMooreThe primary value PacMoore provides to our customers is manufacturing capacity. Our customers need PacMoore to produce their products on a very tight schedule with perfect quality. As we review our results over 2016 it is clear we have fallen short in fulfilling one of the primary values for our customers: meeting their ship dates. It’s very difficult for our team to see PacMoore fail our customers in any way. But because we are so strongly committed to our customers, we are working diligently to discover the weaknesses in our entire process, and to creating a new way to work.

After months of digging internally and speaking with our customers we have found six key areas in which we must improve in order to be world class in meeting customer ship dates.

6 Key Improvement Areas

  1. We must clearly identify, communicate, and track the ship dates our customers need.
  2. We must develop a scheduling model that provides the perfect balance of productivity, flexibility, and capital investment.
  3. We must work diligently with our customers to determine all their expectations, requirements, and specifications in order to fully determine PacMoore’s ability to meet those needs before we accept the project.
  4. We must create processes that run our production lines to the predetermined run-rates required for each product.
  5. We will need to develop much deeper levels of expertise as we deploy higher levels of technology.
  6. We will need to create a much stronger employee performance model that connects customer needs, PacMoore culture, and compensation.

As we analyzed our processes, we also discovered that saying yes to every project had become a norm for PacMoore employees. We are now realizing that there are projects that do not belong on our production lines. Saying yes to everything has hurt our ability to execute with excellence. The idea of saying yes was a deeply embedded value that came from our start-up years just trying to survive. As our company matures, it is clear we have to know what we can and cannot do. We can only take business that we can run with a high degree of excellence.

We are excited for our focus in 2017 to truly delight our customers with perfect quality product, on time, every time.

Bill Moore


After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. in chemical engineering, Bill became a product development engineer for Procter & Gamble in 1985. After the unexpected death of his stepfather, Bill left P&G to lead his stepfather’s company, George Meyer Company. He developed a functional ability to process recycled starch products, while also recognizing a need by many companies in the food industry for a trusted and capable contract manufacturing partner. Over the last 20 years Bill has evolved the company to meet this need by providing packaging, blending, spray drying, and extrusion.