Muhabwa Innocent Marketplace Missionary Award, MIMMA

award-pressGlobally, Christians often struggle with their calling to love God, to love others, and to make disciples of Jesus Christ. We are not sure if it is legal or appropriate to teach people about Jesus particularly in the workplace. I spend a good deal of time every year teaching Christian employees, CEOs, and college students that it is not only legal in the USA to teach others about Jesus in the workplace but it’s actually a calling for Christians. In our daily vocation we have time to build relationships with fellow employees that are fostered through common struggle and mutual respect. Close working relationships open doors into our personal lives that often lead to questions about emotional and spiritual matters. Jesus introduced this method when he recruited fisherman at their work place to be his disciples, and spent three years working with them every day modeling the very commands he left us to follow. As Christians we have a unique opportunity to demonstrate how the love of Jesus has transformed our heart especially with the people we work with each day.

To help Christian college students recognize their opportunity to exercise this calling of Jesus in the work place we have created an award called the Muhabwa Innocent Marketplace Missionary Award (MIMMA). The award is named after our first employee in Uganda, Muhabwa Innocent, who daily lives out both his calling as a farmer and his calling as a Christian leader at PacMoore Foods. We hope that by publicly recognizing college seniors, other students will be encouraged to carry their faith into the workplace. Our goal next year is to give this award to ten students at ten Christian colleges in the United States. The schools will nominate graduating seniors who demonstrate a desire to reach students and people in the community with the love of Jesus. Those students are also required to maintain a 3.5 GPA, and to have a goal of working in a for-profit company after they leave school. PacMoore has a selection committee that will choose the best candidate from each school.

Last week we awarded our first recipient of the MIMMA to Olivia DiGirolamo from Cairn University in Philadelphia. Olivia obtained a BS in Bible, and an MBA in accounting and will graduate with a 3.61 GPA. She has been on numerous mission trips. She has served in Enactus at Cairn leading several community projects using entrepreneurial concepts to solve social issues. Olivia has accepted an auditing role with Grant Thornton, LLP. Olivia shared these thoughts about entering the work force: “Grant Thornton’s mission is to make a difference to colleagues, clients, the profession, and communities. I plan to do this and more, by integrating my faith into my workplace through direct engagement with my colleagues and clients.” PacMoore is very proud to recognize Olivia and the many employees that live out their Christian calling in the workplace.

William Moore

Bill Moore


After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. in chemical engineering, Bill became a product development engineer for Procter & Gamble in 1985. After the unexpected death of his stepfather, Bill left P&G to lead his stepfather’s company, George Meyer Company. He developed a functional ability to process recycled starch products, while also recognizing a need by many companies in the food industry for a trusted and capable contract manufacturing partner. Over the last 20 years Bill has evolved the company to meet this need by providing packaging, blending, spray drying, and extrusion.