Missions in the Marketplace

Hello, I am Evelyn Myers.  It all began when I was eight years old.  I was in a small Texastown and I gave my heart to Jesus Christ.   At that young age I heard the mighty voice of God whisper into my ear one solitary word that was packed with life, purpose and adventure.  He said, “Missionary.”  And my, what an adventure it has been.

Thirteen years later I found myself in Columbus, Ohio at Valor Christian College pursuing a degree in missions.  While studying to be a missionary, I had great aspirations of traveling the world.  I imagined myself in the remote places of the earths’ far corners, surrounded by people of different tribes, tongues and nations.  I saw myself sleeping in tents, eating bizarre foods, and drinking dirty water.  Somewhere between my imagination and the reality of Gods purpose was the true place that God had called me to, PacMoore.

One night I found myself questioning God’s call.  I said, “I thought I was called to be a missionary?”  He answered me very quickly with a staggering truth.  He said, “Is this your land?  Are these your people?”  I responded, “No.”  The Lord said back to me, “what else do you think a missionary is?”   Now my title might be HR Assistant, but my job and passion is this; loving the people of PacMoore.  I have the honor of leading a weekly women’s Bible study.  We are of different ages, different backgrounds, and different races.  In fact, the only thing we may have in common that particular day is the type of dessert we are enjoying during our discussion.  As an employee of a Christ centered business, I get the benefit of praying with people in their frantic moments.  I get the opportunity to make an impact during life’s most trying times.  I am able to offer an ear when a co-worker loses a child, suffers a divorce, or is battling depression.  With no one to turn to, they know they can turn to me and together we can turn to Jesus Christ.  I get to be their first point of contact in the plant.  Additionally, I get to help lead our Friday focus discussions.  It is there that we share and teach the Word of God.  Again, it is filled with people of different ages, races, and backgrounds.  In the past, when I heard the word ‘missionary’ I would think of the jungle, but now when I hear that word, I think workplace…I think PacMoore.