The Four Areas of Employee Growth: Financial, Relational, Emotional and Spiritual

Employee Growth at PacMoore Financial Relational Emotional SpiritualSometimes we describe our work at PacMoore as “food manufacturing on a mission.” At a glance, this may be confusing to people outside our organization. What does that phrase actually mean? One piece of what that means for us is employee life transformation. Life transformation is a big goal, and it can manifest itself in so many ways. For PacMoore, one of the most important ways we can play a part in life transformation is to create a work environment where our employees are able to grow as individuals, and there are four key areas of their life in which we can help them do that: financial, relational, emotional, and spiritual.

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Financial Growth

The first and most obvious area of employee growth is financial. The first step in this area is skill development. Everyone should be able to feel like they’re being challenged to learn new things and improve on their existing career skills. As skills grow, earning power and financial security grow with them. When the time comes to fill a position, promoting people from within the company is often the best course of action and we love to see our people moving up the corporate ladder as they say. What’s wonderful about the manufacturing industry is that many of the skills that our employees learn here are transferable to other companies. While it would be nice if we could keep all of our people forever, we understand that many times they need to move on in their careers, and we celebrate that step with them.

Relational Growth

Secondly, we want people to grow relationally. People need to learn how to connect with one another. Sometimes we’re so connected by social media, phones, email and text messages that we find it difficult to communicate face-to-face. Younger people especially can experience a harder transition into a collaborative work environment. We have to get better at effective communication. When we get frustrated with one another, we need to be able to look each other in the eye and have a composed conversation while we work it out. We all have the capacity to improve our ability to work together in a productive, kind, loving, and gracious manner. The workplace is the perfect place to improve those interpersonal skills, and it’s wonderful to see that happen. I love it when I can help coach, train, and develop that in people. You see people developing compassion for one another, and that builds a loving community. Many of our people come to us from broken families. Their sense of being connected to a family has been damaged and they feel isolated, lonely, marginalized, and left out. They can come here and feel loved and cared for because there’s a family for them here.

Emotional Growth

Another area where PacMoore can help our employees to grow is emotionally. You’ve probably heard of the concept of emotional intelligence. This is related to your capacity to manage your emotions or your feelings appropriately. It’s very important to figure out how to do that in your workplace. Emotional growth is similar to relational growth, but it’s not exactly the same thing. You can have a relationship with someone, but for it to be a healthy relationship where you can be vulnerable and share your insecurities; you need to start maturing emotionally. We want people to be able to grow in their emotional intelligence at PacMoore and form those healthy relationships here.

Spiritual Growth

The last (but not least) type of growth we’re interested in creating a space for at PacMoore is spiritual growth. We don’t require anybody to be involved in any sort of spiritual growth at PacMoore; but for those who are interested we offer events like Bible studies, prayer time, worship, and community discussion groups. We host those in our plants so that people can engage if they’re thinking about spiritual things. They’re asking questions like, “Who is God?” “Is God real?” “Who is this person of Jesus?” “What does that mean compared to Mohammed or Buddha?” This is a place where that dialogue can happen. It can be open and comfortable. There’s no pressure. You don’t have to be a Christian to participate. It’s a place where people explore what spirituality means and how that impacts their life. We believe everyone is a spiritual being. They’re not just relational or physical but also spiritual. The spirit inside of us is calling out to the God that made us. It wants to be nurtured and connected. It wants to know who that God is. It wants to understand why He put them here. They want answers to those questions and we want to provide those answers. We want PacMoore to be a place where people can grow spiritually.

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After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. in chemical engineering, Bill became a product development engineer for Procter & Gamble in 1985. After the unexpected death of his stepfather, Bill left P&G to lead his stepfather’s company, George Meyer Company. He developed a functional ability to process recycled starch products, while also recognizing a need by many companies in the food industry for a trusted and capable contract manufacturing partner. Over the last 20 years Bill has evolved the company to meet this need by providing packaging, blending, spray drying, and extrusion.