Why a Faith Value Is Good for Contract Manufacturing and Families

Everyone has IT.  And IT always has an object.  IT cannot be ignored because IT is integral to how people look at the world.  IT defines who we are, how consumer packaging package, how leaders lead.  IT is “faith”, and this contract manufacturer has embraced faith from our company’s inception.  Whoa, dangerous?  Actually, no.  Actually we’ve found that our faith value contributes to the health and well-being of our employees and their families. And that gets us better at feeding the world.

Consider these findings from former department head of Home Economics and Family Ecology at Akron University, the late Dr. Barbara Armstrong.

Healthy families, healthy companies

Healthy Families Create Healthy Contract Manufacturing CompaniesArmstrong researched the characteristics of healthy families, especially those who are sustained through crisis.  Many of her findings were expected like ‘flexible in roles’ and ‘sense of humor’.   And of course ‘crisis avoidance’ was missing.  But what about her last point…’Faith is present within the family, may be a religious faith’.   Say what?! Yep, there IT was, empirically and scientifically validated.

Healthy families are those who embrace a set of convictions about life, God, and reality.  And those beliefs define a set of values, which, according to Armstrong, make for a healthy family.  Of course the sources from and degree to which the family beliefs are informed will determine how storm-worthy or college-prepared little Louie is.  And it may go without saying that even the most informed and generationally-tested beliefs are of little use if not faithfully talked about, kid-examined, and lived out on the ball diamond or at the dinner table.

Yes, this IT advocates for and aids family-health for the interested and willing.  While all faith-systems are welcome at PacMoore, our Judeo-Christian IT informs our common PacMoore values and guides our spray drying and consumer packaging.   If faith in the family makes for healthier family, faith at work will help us get better at feeding the world.   Therefore we value faith.

Contract Manufacturing Value FaithHere are a few closing random thoughts about the practical benefits from our Faith Value and helps available for families.

How faith helps our people grow

  1. Gives employees tools for family decision making. Convictions and wisdom for how, why, and when
  2. Helps employees understand how they can prioritize a family calendar, guilt-free, even with competing time demands from work
  3. Gives content and fiber to the kids’ roots before mom or dad gives ‘em some wings
  4. May raise an employee’s kindness and respect quotient in contact negotiations with determined teenager or fragile, aging parents
  5. Challenges the crazy parent-notion that ‘everything is OK, even what’s not’
  6. Allows some people to smile on their trip to work after visiting their grown kids, watching them bow in prayer and then remembering their raucous fun together. Family life can be good, even better!

Embraced any faith-informed values recently?  We have and my family is grateful.

Bill McClure

Lead Life Coach

Serving as a spiritual advisor to the PacMoore team, Bill has consulted and led service-development with numerous domestic and international organizations. He earned his B.A. in Human Relations from Salem College and a Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary.