Our Extrusion Journey Led Us to Gridley, Illinois

Each of PacMoore’s individual locations and capabilities has a unique story of how it came into being. We love to share these stories of God’s provision in our lives. Most recently, we built the PacMoore Innovation Lab in Gridley, Illinois. This is where we centralize our efforts in food extrusion product development. Our Senior Technical Manager (and mastermind) behind extrusion is Jon Baner, and behind Jon is his hometown of Gridley, Illinois. Though it may seem like just another small Midwestern town, Gridley has a big story.

Finding our Way to Extrusion

PacMoore Innovation Lab ExtrusionJon Baner graduated from Gridley High School and spent his summers working for the local food companies in Gridley as he has always had a strong passion for food.  In July of 2015 the Lord opened the door for Jon’s passion and PacMoore Products Inc. to unite and build the PacMoore Innovation Lab.  Jon, a Certified Food Scientist, had long dreamed of combining his desire to create new food products with his experience in extrusion.  The Innovation Lab is built on the very location where Jon spent his summers working for Ringger Foods and later as a professional for Kerry Ingredients before a tragic fire took the building in 2007.  Jon purchased the property in 2009 knowing God had a plan and in time something would come to life.

A Small Town with Big Ambition

Gridley Illinois

A lovely rural Illinois community, Gridley is home to 1,454 folks. The Village of Gridley was founded in 1869 by General Ashael Gridley.  Located between Interstate 39 and Interstate 55 just north of Bloomington-Normal Illinois, many of the residents commute to other nearby cities. However, Gridley has several small but thriving businesses that employ several hundred dedicated workers – from food companies to trucking carries to swine feed production, these companies support and work together to make Gridley a strong community.

Phone Museum Gridley IllinoisGridley is home to many attractions including a library, two churches, two fine dining establishments (come and try the Fat Burger), a lovely public pool, and a telephone museum holding treasures of the early days of this groundbreaking communication device.  While there isn’t a grocery store, there is a very large grain elevator, a welding shop, two insurance agencies, two gas stations and three hair dressers.  Gridley offers most everything you need to enjoy a peaceful Midwestern lifestyle!

Extruded Products: Many Applications in the Food Industry

Extruded Crisps at PacMooreWithout this unique town full of industrious individuals and companies, we would not have been able to make such a powerful jumpstart into extrusion. Today the PacMoore Innovation Lab can produce custom products like protein-fortified cereal crisps, crisp grains, cookie inclusions, textured vegetable proteins, and precooked flours and starches. Applications for these products are many; including nutritional and granola bars, cereals and granolas, ice cream and confectionery inclusions, various toppings and more.


Gridley Photos from: www.villageofgridley.com and www.telephonemuseumofgridley.com

Kate Ringger

Former Administrative Assistant, PacMoore Innovation Lab

Kate Ringger has been at the PacMoore Innovation Lab since its opening in July 2015. Kate worked previously for a local food manufacturer as an administrative assistant and has enjoyed continuing in this role with PacMoore. While taking care of a wide variety of tasks as administrative assistant, one of her favorite is providing homemade desserts for Innovation Lab visitors.