Employee Safety in Food Manufacturing is the Firm and Steady Foundation

At PacMoore we strive to create a workplace that employees can come to every day and feel safe, valued and needed. My part in this goal is to ensure employee safety. It’s not an easy thing to accomplish, but it is critical to who we are as a company.

Can Production Goals Be Achieved While Maintaining Employee Safety?

Employees at PacMoore expect and need to have safe work environments.Food manufacturing companies like PacMoore all have many challenges in common.  In addition to producing food products that are safe for the general public, food manufacturers must invest what is necessary to provide a safe work environment for their employees. It is also critical that food manufacturers work efficiently in order to find ways to meet obligations to their customers in terms of quantity of product demanded and price points required.  Trying to achieve a balance between production efficiency and safety will often fail to achieve the required performance in either, because a balance between two priorities often requires a decrease in one for an increase in the other. The faulty assumption here is that personnel safety and company productivity are interchangeable – as the balancing exercise demonstrates – when in fact they have proven to compliment and not compete against each other when approached properly.

It’s Not A Balancing Act: Safety Stands Alone

PacMoore's gives priority to the safety of our employees. Our wall is painted with the words 'safety first'.When we internalize the belief that personnel safety stands alone it is never compromised, never cut short, and never made a lesser priority than any other effort. The result is that employees recognize that their employer values them for much more than their contribution to the company’s bottom line. They begin to see that the time, attention, and investment made for their personal health and wellbeing is a stand-alone tenet of their employer. The foundation for their relationship with the company is their value as individuals and as human beings. This is how we define a strong Safety Culture at PacMoore, and it can only develop with a consistent approach over time that does not waver. When employees experience working for a company that values them highly as individuals, there are no limits to the extent of their contributions or what the company can achieve. The company that never balances safety with its other priorities recognizes that valuing employees above all else is an investment that will accrue to its highest accomplishments. This is the firm and steady foundation at PacMoore that is unshifting even amongst changing priorities.

Brent Knepper

Former Corporate Safety Manager

Brent led significant improvements in personnel safety performance across the company. His role included the development of corporate safety policy and programs that ensure compliance to all applicable OSHA, state and federal laws concerning safety. Brent first joined PacMoore in 2012 as a member of the Hammond Quality team. Prior to joining PacMoore he worked for a major utility, Commonwealth Edison, which later became part of Exelon Nuclear, where he held a number of positions over 27 years in the areas of plant and corporate operations, process improvement, project management and emergency preparedness.