From Corporate Chaplains to Life Coaching

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Employee Health & Well-Being 

In April 2004, PacMoore began offering employees a special benefit designed to serve many personal and family needs. The benefit gave breadth and depth of personalized care representative of owner, Bill Moore. The benefit undergirded his passion for life change and his compassion for employee health and wellbeing in relationships, body, mind, and spirit. For access and identity, these original care-givers were vetted and titled workplace chaplains and the scope of their services included such things as one on one confidential conversations, onsite workplace visits, 24/7 emergency access, and agency referral.

Employee Care Team Chaplain Life Coach PacMooreMoore than a (New) Job Title

Because of workforce changes and customer growth, there has been continual effort to improve this care benefit. Two recent improvements included the retitling of the position and highlighting how these services are carried out. Our research showed many employees used the care-giver benefit when they understood the coaching approach used by our staff. Thus the title change from Chaplain to Life Coach just made better sense. During the first quarter of 2018, employees were earnest to seek out coaching on such topics as health, family, and faith resulting in 325 confidential conversations. It is has been said ‘the quality of one’s life is to a large degree a function of the questions one asks of himself’. This coaching benefit has proven valuable over and over when our employees get to know one of the Life Coaches, are open and responsive to their questions and input, and then explore the resources made available to them.

Our Coaches Have the Bases Covered

While employee care might often be talked about within manufacturing, PacMoore continues to lead the way with providing such services. Nine coaches presently serve our 3 different plant location providing care and coaching over all 3 shifts in 2 different time zones 365 days a year. Coaching has always been more than just a job title. It is the outworking of our vision and culture.

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Bill McClure

Lead Life Coach

Serving as a spiritual advisor to the PacMoore team, Bill has consulted and led service-development with numerous domestic and international organizations. He earned his B.A. in Human Relations from Salem College and a Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary.