Christmas Spiritual Fellowship with Bill Moore

PacMoore Christmas Spiritual Fellowship with Bill Moore, President

Spiritual Fellowships are a unique and treasured hallmark of PacMoore. They are scheduled at each of our production facilities every month and have been faithfully organized and offered for over a decade. For 30 to 40 minutes on the last Thursday of every month people gather to participate in praise and worship music and listen to a Christian-based message presented by a selected speaker. Though Spiritual Fellowships are completely voluntary for all participants and attendees, there has been a consistently solid turnout that speaks to not only the preparation and excellence of the events but also the spiritual hunger that people have today. Many people who will not attend church will take time at their workplace to hear what God may be speaking to them.

The message for this December’s Spiritual Fellowship was given by none other than Bill Moore, the President and CEO of PacMoore. Bill spoke about the heartbreaking attitude of transactional thinking that many people are rooted in or fall into from time to time. As you will hear if you take time to listen to Bill’s message (which we highly encourage you to do by clicking on it below), Bill was conducting an employee forum when he heard from a few of our workers that view their time at PacMoore as simply a transaction – they work and PacMoore pays them – nothing more and nothing less. This led Bill to address these broader questions:

  • Is life just a series of transactions before we die?
  • Can an employee’s time at PacMoore have purpose that transcends a paycheck?
  • What about this time of year? Is Christmas just a transaction that allows us to have time off without any deeper meaning?

We hope you take time to watch Bill’s short message that is intended to inspire you in your work and your home and wherever else God has called you to.

Chris Bekermeier

Vice President, Marketing and Legal Affairs

Chris’ experience with Scott Paper and ConAgra has allowed him to sell and manage leading brands such as Scottissue®, Viva® Towels, Healthy Choice® and Butterball®. He received his B.S. in business management from Eastern Illinois University and his M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. Chris currently leads marketing efforts to grow PacMoore’s food contract manufacturing business in the areas of dry blending, spray drying, extrusion, re-packaging, and consumer packaging.