Business as Mission in Nepal

Our first two and a half days in Nepal have been full to say the least. Not only in terms of the activity and meetings, but more so in the stories of how God is at work through some amazing people who have given their life to share the Gospel with these precious people. Despite the long travel and a city full of dust, traffic and trash we are more excited than ever about the opportunities that are here. We are also more convinced than ever of the need these people have for jobs and the even greater need for Jesus Christ.

We spent the first night in Nepal fellowshipping with a group of young people who work for an organization called Tiny Hands International. This organization is dedicated to help reduce the amount of young women, even children, who are impacted by the rampant sex trafficking here in Nepal. As we listened to them share the work they are involved in our hearts were broken and we are confident that God has put us here to help provide relief to the young ladies who are rescued.

On Saturday we met with Bill Ashwell who has done some amazing work with aquaponics. He has a tremendous heart for the Lord and the people of Nepal. It was inspiring to see the obstacles he has overcome and the progress he has made with his business. In the afternoon we visited with two young families who have given up their lives back in the states to move to Nepal and open a manufacturing plant. We were energized to see a shared passion for creating jobs and sharing the Gospel through that.

Sunday began with a beautiful worship service at a local church and was followed by a lunch meeting with Bill Barlow. Bill started the first ever Christian business in Nepal. He too has a tremendous heart for the people and for Jesus. It was very encouraging to hear his story and to share ideas with him. We realized there were opportunities here that we weren’t sure existed, and while doing anything in business won’t be easy, it can be done if we are willing to put in the time and sacrifice.

Throughout all those wonderful meetings the highlight has been, and continues to be our time with PacMoore employee Jacob Wheeler. Jacob is a young man who was born in Nepal, adopted by American parents and upon graduation felt a call to come back here to do business with the purpose of sharing the Gospel. He has made a tremendous sacrifice and we couldn’t be prouder of the work he is doing here. To see the friendships he has built and the work he has already done is so encouraging and impressive. We pray our time here has been a help and encouragement to him also.

Scott Pothoven

Former Global Director of Leadership Management

Prior to joining PacMoore, Scott was a CFP® and owned a financial planning business working with over 400 clients and small businesses to help manage their financial assets. He holds a B.S. in business from Trinity Christian College.