Announcing a New Blender at PacMoore

dry ingredients blending food manufacturing food powder and oil blender At PacMoore we’re always eager for more ways to execute our strategy with excellence. We aim to be the most reliable link in your supply chain, ensuring that every production run meets your specifications and schedule. When our customers come to us their fundamental need is for production capacity and that is what we supply. When we can increase the production capacity at one of our food processing facilities, it’s a win for our customers! That’s why we’re proud to announce that PacMoore has installed a new full scale plow blender. With the new addition, our blending systems in Hammond and Mooresville now include 4 full scale plow blenders, 3 full scale ribbon blenders, and 2 pilot blenders. PacMoore specializes in extrusion, spray drying, consumer packaging, and repackaging but it is dry blending that was our original core competency and remains central to our offering today.

Blender E Accommodates Fat and Oil Addition

This new blender has been installed at our headquarters in Hammond, IN and is our 5th full scale blendecontract blending food manufacturing ingredients blenderr at this facility. The new system is named Blender E. It has two 40” Sweco sifters, a low profile hoist and slide gate valves underneath. The blender is 177 cubic feet, which is the smallest of the five blenders we have installed. We intentionally chose the size to accommodate some our fat and oil addition blends. We are able to provide options for blends with ingredients ranging from oil to shortening to all kinds of powders. Some of the unique features of the room include a flip flop gate to allow seamless pallet loading on the mezzanine, a 100 horsepower Variable Frequency Drive to change blending speeds, and low profile slide gates to provide utility within the existing height of the room.

blender contract manufacturing services food ingredientsPersonally, my favorite feature of the room is the low profile hoists that generate only 7” of head height from the hoist beam to the bulk bag spreaders. Another highlight is the natural lighting in the room. These elements are unique to blender E at PacMoore’s facility in Hammond, Indiana. Other design features of the room include high pressure hot water, no leg posts to interfere with packaging equipment, and a level floor to accommodate our scaling equipment. After careful planning and engineering, I’m proud to say that Blender E is up and running! We’re excited for all the customers who will benefit from it in the future.

Summary of Blender E Features

• Full scale plow blender
• Two 40” Sweco Sifters
• Low profile hoist
• Slide gate valves
• 177 cubic feet
• Flip flop gate
• 100 HP VFD
• High pressure hot water
• Low profile slide gates
• Excellent for fat, oil, shortening, and powder blends

If you’d like to pursue a blending project with us or are interested in other food contract manufacturing services, please submit your project details on our contact page. Or you can email Josh Warren, Business Development Specialist, or give him a call at 1-317-440-4497.

Nicole Marie Lowe

Former Plant Engineer

Nicole Marie spent six years with the Morton Salt Company, where as a project engineer she managed the company’s largest capital project. She helped develop training for operations and was involved in preventative maintenance programs. In her tenure she held titles of process engineer, project engineer, and Power/Production Foreman. Nicole Marie joined the PacMoore team in January 2014 as plant engineer.