Author: Scott Pothoven

Prior to joining PacMoore, Scott was a CFP® and owned a financial planning business working with over 400 clients and small businesses to help manage their financial assets. He holds a B.S. in business from Trinity Christian College.

MIMMA – Investing in the Next Generation at Baylor

pacmoore faith workplace mimma award baylor university

At a time where our society is seemingly finding fewer and fewer things to agree on I am confident we all remain unified on the…

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Stability First 5k in Martinsville Indiana

What We Do and Why We Do It Like many businesses today, at PacMoore we like to distinguish between “what” we do and “why” we…

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Character is at the Core of Growing People

contract manufacturing growing people feeding the world pacmoore products

How many of your parents have uttered the phrase, “bad company corrupts good character”? More telling, how many of us heard that phrase multiple times…

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Tending to Our People Through Character Growth

Developing Character PacMoore Scott Pothoven

I love the month of March for many reasons. For one I’m a huge college basketball fan and March Madness is the greatest three weekends…

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PacMoore’s 13th trip to Africa, Part 2: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda

We concluded our 13th trip to Africa with a 5 day whirlwind in which we visited 3 countries, stayed in 4 different hotels and participated…

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PacMoore’s 13th trip to Africa, Part 1: Ethiopia

“If you’re looking for an excuse, you will always find one.  If you’re looking for an opportunity, you will always find one.”  I highlighted that…

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Employee Development is about Investing in One Another

employee development leadership life transformation scott pothoven

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” That was a statement made in the early 1900s by Harvey Firestone who…

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Experiencing Growth in Uganda

Pacmoore Extrusion Contract Manufacturing Uganda

We began the third and final leg of our three country, Africa journey on Tuesday by landing at Entebbe airport in Uganda. Although we were…

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Working with Haron in Kenya

Pacmoore Food extrusion contract manufacturing Uganda

Proverbs 16:9 says, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” We have been repeating that verse several times…

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Ethiopia Wrap Up, On to Kenya

Pacmoore Extrusion contract manufacturing company visiting Africa

The Bible talks a lot about God’s glory. Many verses speak about His power, His majesty, His splendor and His holiness. There are also key…

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Opportunities in Ethiopia

Pacmoores Food manufacturing Opportunities in Ethiopia

The new year is a wonderful time to think about new beginnings. For PacMoore one of those new beginnings is a chance to explore the…

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A Common Vision for Full Hearts and Full Lives

pacmoore food manufacturing dry ingredient company spray drying blending

I firmly believe it is the relationships we build in life that allow us to have the biggest impact and actually make our lives more…

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Progress with Innocent

pacmoore food manufacturing spray drying mission uganda

After two long days of travel the middle days of my trip were a welcome relief with local meetings…and no wasted time waiting for busses…

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It’s the People!

pacmoore food manufacturing food extrusion processing mission uganda

During the past two days, I’ve been reminded of the incredible beauty and the limitless opportunity, but also some frustration of work in Uganda. As…

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Uganda Day 1: Let the Little Children Come to Me

pacmoore food manufacturing mission dry ingredient blending

This is now my 9th trip to Uganda, but I think I’ve finally found a good system. I arrive on Saturday night so my first…

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