Author: Rachel Ferguson

Rachel Ferguson has been at PacMoore since graduating in 2013 at Indiana Wesleyan University with a B.S. in International and Community Development. Rachel handles many aspects of marketing, trade shows and graphic design for PacMoore from the Corporate Headquarters in NW Indiana.

Planting the Seeds of a Bright Future for PacMoore

Blending and packaging were some of PacMoore's first capabilities in the 1990s

It can be amazing to take a step back and compare where you are now to where you started. PacMoore has been transformed over and over…

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3 Reasons Why Even a Contract Manufacturer Should be on Social Media

social media pacmoore blog contract manufacturing content marketing

Unless you’re living a life without computers, internet, or phones, you know how fully steeped into social media the world has become. And if you…

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Join the Step Into Stability 5K June 17

Step into Stability 5K PacMoore Blog Bill Moore

PacMoore is getting involved with a wonderful organization called Stability First in the local community of our Mooresville, Indiana location. Stability First is a non-profit organization…

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PacMoore’s Plans – Industry Trade Shows in 2017

Exhibiting at or attending food industry trade shows is one of the most important ways that we can to stay on top of food trends…

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IFT16 Recap: One of the Best Food Industry Events

IFT16 PacMoore

Even if you didn’t attend the show, you’re probably aware that the Institute of Food Technology’s annual event happened this week in Chicago. The IFT16 event “Where…

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Nominated for Food Manufacturer of the Year and Approved Training Partner

Food Safety Award Logo

PacMoore is excited to announce that the Company is involved in two award nominations at the BRC Food Safety Americas Awards this year. The event…

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IFT15 in Chicago – The Experiences of the Inexperienced

pacmoore food manufacturing logo company in Chicago

What would IFT15 be like if you were exhibiting for the first time? This show houses many wonders such as 3D printed foods, insect proteins,…

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