Author: Karen Hutson

Karen is the Food Safety and Quality Manager at PacMoore Products in Hammond, Indiana, where she is responsible for the overall adherence to and continuous improvement of the facility’s Food Safety Plan and quality programs. She leads the facility through successful audits and maintains assurance that the rigorous requirements of a food manufacturing facility are met or exceeded.Karen has 14 years of experience in Food Manufacturing Quality Assurance including working for some of the world’s largest food companies and has spent over 7 years in co-manufacturing. She earned her Master of Science degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison and her Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University.

Minimizing the Risk of Food Safety Problems

quality assurance and food safety contract manufacturing

The days of the “5-second rule” are over. That’s a good thing. As consumers insist on higher standards for food production, they are, in turn,…

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