Author: Jonathan M. Baner CFS

Jon spent 4 years at Watershed Foods, LLC, most recently as Director of Research & Development with responsibility for product development and additional responsibilities for Quality and Regulatory. Prior to Watershed, Jon worked with Ringger Foods, Inc. and Kerry Ingredients & Flavors in product applications, process technology, and technical training roles. He holds a degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Illinois and is a Certified Food Scientist. Jon joined the PacMoore team in 2014 as Senior Technical Manager, Extrusion.

Clearing Up the Extrusion Confusion

What is food extrusion? Extrusion Cooking Food Products

You know, many times food scientists seem to make things really challenging to understand. As a self-diagnosed food nerd, I will admit that I tend…

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A Year of Collaborative and On-Trend Extrusion Innovation

PacMoore Food Extrusion Innovation Ancient Grains Clean Label

In 2017, PacMoore hosted over 30 different current and potential customers at the PacMoore Innovation Lab in Gridley, IL. We have had the opportunity to…

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The Versatility of Food Extrusion

Pacmoore Food Extrusion - cups of 3 extrusions foods

In the food industry, it is necessary to adapt to changing consumer trends from time┬áto time. Past trends have included low carb, reduced sodium, low…

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