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How to Protect Computers in Food Manufacturing Environments

In food manufacturing environments, computers need to operate reliably, often 24/7, so that production lines keep moving and to meet deadlines. This is a particular challenge…

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Keto Products: What Are They Made of?

Keto Food products dietary supplements diet Sofia Norton

The ketogenic diet has been growing in popularity over the past decade, and food/supplement manufacturers are taking heed. As a result, we’re seeing a growing…

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Best Practices for Engaging Your Manufacturing Workforce

Employee Communication Best Practices in Manufacturing

This week we’re pleased to be publishing a guest blog post written by Alexandra Zamolo at Beekeeper! Beekeeper has expertise in improving internal communication at…

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To Manufacture or Co-Manufacture?

This week’s blog is written by guest author Jordan Buckner. Jordan is the CEO and Co-Founder of TeaSquares, so his particular experiences have given him…

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Making a Difference with Your Branded Merchandise

This week’s blog is written by Guest Author Corban Bryant! Corban is the Director of Purnaa, a company in Nepal which you’ll learn more about…

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Think Small to Get Big

Today we’re excited to publish a blog written by guest author, F&B industry guru, and PacMoore friend, Steve Gaither! Learn more about Steve in his…

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A Puffed Movement

Puffed Grains have been around for over 110 years, but the process of puffing technology had not evolved much until the last 20 to 25…

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Community Partner Spotlight: The Bridge Teen Center

Rob and Priscilla Steinmetz

“Why on earth do you need a teen center in the suburbs?” This is a question we heard all too many times when sharing the…

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The Evolution of Your Favorite Chocolate Wrappers

contract manufacturing wrappers

At PacMoore, we love chocolate. As a food contract manufacturer, we love to process and package chocolate blends and extrusions and mixes. And, of course,…

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Impacting Lives by Changing Light Bulbs?

Huge Power Savings LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology, and has the potential to fundamentally change the future of lighting in the United States. By…

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“To Infinity and Beyond” – a Look at Purdue’s Food Science Dept’s recent Industrial Associate meeting

Brian Farkas Purdue Food Science Industrial Associates Meeting

This week’s blog author is Brian E. Farkas, Ph.D.  He is a professor at Purdue University and head of the Department of Food Science where…

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Insights from Lisa Shambro of Foundation for Strategic Sourcing (F4SS)

Pacmoore Blending contract manufacturing Sourcing

On May 13, 2014 PacMoore Products had the privilege of hosting Lisa Shambro (Executive Director of the Foundation for Strategic Sourcing) for a visit. PacMoore…

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