Month: June 2017

Stability First 5k in Martinsville Indiana

What We Do and Why We Do It Like many businesses today, at PacMoore we like to distinguish between “what” we do and “why” we…

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3 Reasons Why Even a Contract Manufacturer Should be on Social Media

social media pacmoore blog contract manufacturing content marketing

Unless you’re living a life without computers, internet, or phones, you know how fully steeped into social media the world has become. And if you…

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The Transformation Factor: Multiplying Together

transformation factor

It has been said that Culture trumps Strategy. Coca Cola Bottling Company Consolidated takes this a step further by believing that Culture trumps Everything. Last…

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An Update from Extrusion Engineer Michael Gibson

Food Industry Extrusion Contract Manufacturing

If you’re familiar with what PacMoore has been up to in the last couple of years, you know we’re delighted to offer extrusion to our…

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