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Quality Certifications

Quality That’s Certifiable

Operating under a HACCP system and FDA guidelines are norms in the food industry. At PacMoore, though, these norms are only the starting point. We consistently exceed them with our own, more stringent quality standards.

Both PacMoore plants have passed the BRC audit, assuring alignment with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards, an organization that measures food safety, quality and integrity. PacMoore has utilized the BRC for quality audits since 2009. The BRC certification ensures food safety by identifying health hazards and then establishing and maintaining safety measures to prevent them. This accredited, certifiable standard is the most used GFSI standard, with more than 10,500 certified sites worldwide.

PacMoore’s BRC certification gives you the ultimate peace of mind that as your co-manufacturer, we’re always ready to exceed your quality expectations.